TATA PIPES STEALS THE SHOW AT THE GOOD HOME AWARDS ’12         Tata Pipes new logo launced in Jamshedpur on 3rd November 2012                Charkha - made with Tata Structura, dedicated to the nation on 2nd October,2011                           Tata Pipes now available in exact 3 mtr and 6mtr lengths                           Tata Structura conquers another frontier, records highest monthly sale of 11,000 MT in June 2012
HFIW Manufacturing Process
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Tata Pipes and Tata Structura steel hollow sections are manufactured by the High Frequency Induction Welding (HFIW) process. The process, also known as the Cold Process, uses HR strips, which are manufactured at Tata Steel’s modern hot strip mill. In the HFIW process, the slit HR coil goes through the MIG welder, while a steady flow is assured from the horizontal coil accumulator. Cold stamping is done at this stage with the TATA seal of quality. The tubes then progressively form as the strip passes through successive rolls and is followed by the high frequency induction welding at the edges to complete the weld. External beads due to weld deposition on the outer surface of the tubes are then removed to ensure a smooth surface finish. Following the welding process, an eddy current non-destructive testing machine screens out the imperfectly welded tubes. Tubes that pass the test are cut into required lengths by cold saw, which gives a smooth burr-less square cutting edge. Tubes are then packed in hexagonal bundles by MAIR auto-packing machine.